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Melissa n : a genus of Old World mints of the family Labiatae [syn: genus Melissa]

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From the μέλισσα (mélissa), meaning "bee", "honey", "honeybee".
  • In Ireland it is sometimes used as a feminine form of the Gaelic male name Maolíosa "servant of Jesus".


Proper noun

  1. Bee-nymph in Greek mythology.
  2. A given name.


female given name
  • Danish: Melissa
  • French: Mélissa
  • German: Melissa
  • Swedish: Melissa


Proper noun

  1. A given name, cognate to Melissa.


Proper noun

  1. A given name, cognate to Melissa.


Proper noun

  1. A given name, cognate to Melissa.

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Melissa is a given name for a female. It has a Greek origin, meaning ''honey bee'.
In 2006, Melissa was the 117th most popular name in the United States dropping steadily from 2nd in 1977. It was in the top 10 most popular names for girls from 1967 to 1984

In Greek mythology

In Greek mythology Melissa is the name of one of the nymphs who helped save Zeus from his father, Cronus. She hid him in the hills and fed him milk from Amalthea and honey. When Cronus discovered this, he turned her into a worm. After Zeus came into power, he changed her into a queen bee, not being able to change her from an insect form.


  • Melissa (computer worm), a mass-mailing macro virus
  • Melissa (Security), (Méthode d'évaluation de la vulnérabilité résiduelle des systèmes d'information), is a now abandoned method for evaluationg the residual vulnerability of Information Systems.


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